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Enjoy the Dining Experience

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At Kasuitei Ooya, we serve a Japanese traditional multi-course meal prepared by the head chef Tetsuo Ishiguri. He creates a superb course meal comes with many kinds of high quality and delicious dishes. Those dishes are always using local ingredients. We change the menu seasonally. Many guests come to Kasuitei Ooya to have our boasting meals every month. Please enjoy the unforgettable dining experience.

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Koyoi no Utage - Dinner

For dinner, we prepare dishes which will help you to forget hustle-bustle from dairy life and have a precious time with your friends, family and partner. Those are sample menu photos below. 

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Koyoi no Utage - Fire -

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Koyoi no Utage - Forest -

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Koyoi no Utage - Flower -

*Please note, the menu is subject to change depending on market availability.
*The item may differ slightly from the actual photo.

List of Additional Orders

Koshu’s Speciality Horse Shashimi : 1 plate 3240 JPY
Koshu Simmered Abalone : 1 plate 3780 JPY
Koshu’s Speciality Simmered Tripe : 1 plate 870 JPY
Stone-Grilled Japanese Beef Steak : 1 plate 2160 JPY
Pond Smelt Tempra : 1 plate 1300 JPY
Salt-Grilled Greater Amberjack : 1 plate 1300 JPY

*We have more menus which are not on the list above.
Please reach out to a staff if you would like to have any of those.
*The item may differ slightly from the actual photo.

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Salt-Grilled Greater Amberjack

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Japanese Beef Steak

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Horse Shashimi


  • Dinner : Starting from 18:00 ~ 19:30 at your guest room 
    (If you would like to start dinner after 19:30, we will serve smaller potion dinner. Also menu will be slightly changed. If you would like to have full amount dinner, please let us start dinner by 19:30.)
  • Breakfast : Starting from 7:30 ~ 8:30 AM at the Banquet Hall